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Employee Navigator Demo

Presented by Rachelle Kalee, Employee Benefits System Specialist of Rose Street Advisors, LLC

Please join us to see our new employee benefit operating system – Employee Navigator. This system is taking the place of our previous system Maxwell Health. This session will walk you through the basics on the system and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have on how it works.

Myth: I'm too small for self funding

Presented by Chris Werme LIC Employee Benefits Advisor and Justine Dickens, Employee Benefits Advisor of Rose Street Advisors, LLC

Have you been told your business is too small for self-funding? Have you ever wondered why it feels like no matter how much you pay in premiums; you never have enough coverage when something goes wrong? Join Chris Werme and Justine Dickens as they help you navigate where your time and money is best spent.

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Top 5 Questions Your Employees Are Asking When They're Nearing Retirement

Presented by Scott Higgins AIF® CFP ®, CPFA ® Financial Advisor of Rose Street Advisors, LLC and Jeremy Heavey AIF® Financial Advisor of Rose Street Advisors, LLC

Do you have employees that are 50 and older? As your employees near retirement, they desire to feel equipped and confident that they can “make it” in retirement. Learn what your employees are asking us (as Financial Advisors), how to partner with them in their journey into retirement and leave with specific tools to equip them to find answers to their questions.

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Top 5 Qs Your Employees are Asking Near Retirement

Visualize Retirement Workbook

Protecting Your Most Important Assets—Your Company and It's People

Presented by Mark Denenfeld LIC Life Insurance Advisor of Rose Street Advisors, LLC

For business owners, their company is often their most important asset. It’s important to protect all the hard work that goes into building that asset. From protecting business operations against the death of a key-person, to putting in place a succession plan as well as thinking about how to retain the most valuable people within an organization and recruiting those same types of people; we will walk through strategies to help protect your business and control unforeseen costs and exposure.

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How To Attract Top Talent

Presented by Stephanie Green, People Advisor of Rose Street Advisors, LLC

Having the right culture and company reputation to job seekers is key in a labor market with 3.6% unemployment rate. Join us to learn how to position your organization in the best light to attract top talent. We will look at remote and hybrid work offerings, utilizing your existing employees as a referral source for new talent, evaluating your online presence, and ways to make the application process simple for candidates.

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Retaining Employees in Today's Market: Best Practices & New Perspectives

Presented by Dr. Tracy Brower, PhD, MM, MCRW, Vice President of Workplace Insights of Steelcase

The talent revolution is here to stay and retaining great employees will be a make or break for success. Join us to discuss the shifting dynamics of employee expectations, employee value equations and how to create the conditions which will be most impactful for retention and engagement. We’ll talk about trends, responses and how to find the best solutions within the current complexities—creating work experiences which inspire, motivate and compel people.


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