Life Happens

We understand that life insurance is a critical asset and plays a vital role in preserving the legacies of the affluent. Our expertise allows us to give advice that can provide liquidity and ensure proper timing and distribution to chosen beneficiaries.

Top 5 Reasons to Convert Your Term Insurance

Rose Street Advisors | Life Happens

Rose Street Advisors Community | Life Happens Top 5 Reasons to Convert Your Term Insurance: 1. Timing: The level premium paying term is running out…and you still need coverage. Life insurance premiums increase exponentially once the original level term time period expires. For example, year 21 of a 20-year level […]

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162 Bonus Plan

Rose Street 162 Bonus Plan

162 Bonus Plan What is it and how does it work? •   An employer designs an additional compensation benefit for a specific employee or group of employees where each year money is contributed to a life insurance policy owned by the individual employee   •   Contributions are considered compensation when […]

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2021 Life Insurance Planning Opportunities

life insurance planning

2021 Life Insurance Planning Opportunities Are You Prepared When it Comes to Your Life Insurance? For those individuals and families planning their financial legacy, 2021 may be the year to take advantage of unprecedented transfer and gifting opportunities under the current tax environment. While taxation should never be the only reason […]

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