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Fun Socks | The Three R’s

The Three R’s: Recognition, Rewards, and Retention Last week we cohosted a Leadership Oasis event with our friends at Bronson’s Helpnet. We brought in a group of panelists to discuss employee recognition, rewards, and their impact on retaining employees. Our panelists included experts from the total rewards group at Bronson […]

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Michigan’s Minimum Wage Mayhem

If you are like most businesses, October is prime time for budget development.  For those employees who earn close to the minimum wage, the question is how much will we need to pay them in 2023? Let’s start with a little history.   Back in 2018, there were two ballot initiatives, […]

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I Wear Fun Socks and You Should TOO!

I wear fun socks.  I wear socks that have bright colors, tropical fish, palm trees, flamingos, fun jokes, and big dots.  Last month I presented at a local chamber meeting, wearing socks with pictures of our building on it.   While there, the question of why I wear fun socks and […]

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Current Compensation Challenges

Have you talked about compensation with your employees lately?  Chances are that you have, and it was not an easy conversation for either party. What’s driving these challenges?   As of the end of May, the reported rate of inflation was 8.6%.  Consumer prices were up 8.5%.  Those are budget […]

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