For Your Benefit

To provide information that will have a positive impact on your entire company, we will delve into topics such as the personality of your company — would you describe it as parental? Where do you want your company to be in coming years?

Save The Trees!

Save The Trees! Why Using Employee Benefits Technology Matters… Throughout the day. I easily open my phone hundreds of times to buy something, read an article, respond to a message, watch a video for a good laugh or look up the passwords I forgot for the 17th time that day. […]

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What’s an SPD?!


What’s an SPD?! Space Patrol Delta?  Super Perfect Day?  Special Person Driver?  Spinning Pile Driver?! Summary Plan Description?  Oh yeah, that’s it, at least in the context of benefit plans! So, what is a Summary Plan Description, or SPD, who needs one and why? Plan Documents and SPDs are required […]

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