Everything we do is tailored to meet the needs of business owners and executives, high-income professionals and affluent families. We specialize in delivering sophisticated, strategic solutions that are custom-designed to create and preserve wealth for generations to come.


To provide plans that will have a positive impact on your entire company, we will delve into topics such as the personality of your company — would you describe it as parental? Where do you want your company to be in three years? In five? Do you want to use your benefits to retain? To recruit? And of course, what impact has the Affordable Health Care Act had on your business?

HR Consulting

Whether it’s creating a performance management system, writing a new company handbook, seeking out new talent to grow your business or accelerating your culture, we put our years of experience to work making sure your HR practices are the best they can be!

Life Insurance

We understand that life insurance is a critical asset and plays a vital role in preserving the legacies of the affluent.  Our experience and depth of understanding allows us to design custom solutions that can provide liquidity and ensure proper timing and distribution to chosen beneficiaries.  In tandem with our clients, or with their CPAs and attorneys, we will leverage all the benefits of life insurance to your greatest advantage.


We offer comprehensive and sophisticated capabilities in all aspects of qualified retirement plans, including 401(k), 403(b), 457, Pension, Profit sharing and Keogh plans. Working closely with you, we will help develop your retirement plan objectives, review any existing plan, and/or design a new retirement plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management team focuses on the affluent market. While proven extremely successful in acquiring wealth, high-worth individuals, families and businesses understand that it takes specialized experience to unravel the complexities of managing and leveraging assets to their full potential.

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