The Rebrand

Rose Street Advisors rebranding Kalamazoo

Why the rebrand? For decades, Rose Street Advisors has been known across Southwest Michigan and Kalamazoo for exemplary consulting and strategy with employee benefits, wealth management and life insurance.  With the addition of Human Resources Consulting and Retirement Planning to the portfolio of Rose Street’s Services, an update to the […]

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Things We Learned in 2020

Things we learned in 2020

Things We Learned in 2020 2020 was an interesting year and we learned a lot.  We learned new words like:  COVID, Zoom, and social distancing. We learned about working remotely while keeping pets and family members occupied.  We learned that we are good at learning and have the ability to do […]

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Are We There Yet? Post Pandemic Planning

Are we there yet? Post Pandemic Planning When the pandemic started a year ago, employers had to react quickly to an unknown crisis with vague and conflicting information and significant employee concerns.    HR professionals were particularly challenged.  There were ever changing guidelines, newly emerging medical information, and even politics […]

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Pet Care Kits

Pet Care Kits Each month, our community involvement team, “RSA Give” partners with one organization to give back to the Kalamazoo area. This month, we partnered with the Humane Society of Southwest Michigan to pack pet care kits for the homeless.  RSA Give was started in 2017 as an opportunity […]

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Are Value Stocks Poised for a Comeback?

Are value stocks poised for a comeback?

Are Value Stocks Proposed for a Comeback? Growth stocks have dominated the market for the last decade, led by tech giants and other fast-growing companies. While it’s possible this trend may continue, some analysts think that value stocks may have strong appeal during the economic recovery. No one can predict […]

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Does 2021 Need a Shot in the Arm?

Does 2021 need a shot in the arm? - HR Blog

Does 2021 Need a Shot in the Arm? The year 2020 will go down as a year to be remembered – for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons of course, is the COVID-19 pandemic.  During it, we learned to work remotely, social distance, bake bread, and experiment with the […]

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