Fun Socks | Are You Ready for the New I-9 Form?


Let’s start this blog with some honesty. We can usually make a blog topic interesting or at least a little bit fun. This one is the exception. I’ve procrastinated writing about this because, frankly, it’s a bit underwhelming. With that, HR professionals need to know that this is changing and can’t be ignored.


Here’s what you need to know: THERE IS A NEW I-9 FORM!


The good news is that it is now a one-page document with the list of acceptable documents on the back (unless you use a translator or are getting rehired, that’s a separate page).


The new form, including instructions, is available here and you should start using it.


You can use the old form until October 31st, 2023. After Halloween passes, you will be required to use the new one. 


One impact is that you can only conduct I-9 verifications electronically if you are a registered and active E-Verify user.


If you’ve found a way to make this announcement fun for your team, be sure to let us know. Pictural proof would be even better.


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