Excellence In All We Do

The pursuit of excellence is the target; if we miss, we own up to it, make it right and move forward.

It’s possible that everyone has their own definition of what excellence means to them. They might have similarities, but all vary in one way or another. When I started thinking about writing this blog, I looked at our Rose Street Advisors’ team. Are we excellent? Are we great? Are we perfect? Excellence surely isn’t perfection. Of course, we’ve seen gymnasts receive a perfect 10 on a routine or a 100% on a multiple-choice test. But let’s be honest, how often are we all, really, perfect?  We can strive for excellence and perfection, though, and many of us do each day.


Even for that Olympic gymnast scoring a 10, that excellence didn’t come without individual effort and a team to drive their success.  At the end of the day, it’s the preparation, the behind the scenes work that happens when no one is watching that delivers the end-product of excellence. So how do we arrive at excellence? Let’s peel back the layers…

Ongoing Personal Education

     ⚪ Investing in your craft. Spend the money and the time to improve so that you may strive for excellence.

Do The Work

     ⚪ Learn about the common issues your internal and external clients are having. How did we arrive here and where do we want to go?

Who Will This Impact?

     ⚪ Both positively and negatively. How do we increase the positive impact and decrease or eliminate the negative impact? Is the solution(s) equitable?

What is Important, Not Only Today, But In The Future?

     ⚪ A band aid is only a temporary solution. A temporary fix may be the answer in some cases. But ultimately, we need a plan for stability and the future.

Set Goals and a Timeline

     ⚪ Realistic and stretch goals are a great way to achieve and hype up the ability to overachieve!

Presentation and Education

     ⚪ What is the best way to present a change, how might it be heard or interpreted and how we can assist in the transition? We’re human and resistant to change.

          Change can be much easier when the picture is accurately painted and resources are provided to eliminate barriers.

Follow-Through is Key

     ⚪ Did we do what we said we would do? Were we transparent? Did we hit our goal? What could we have done better? Collect feedback.

Debrief and Implement Necessary Changes

     ⚪ Go back to the drawing board, if needed. Every day comes with change, so be ready to pivot, improve your craft and keep in tune with the needs of those around


You might find that one or all of these work for you. The important thing is that you take what works for you, your role and your clientele and be intentional about it. Imagine the possibilities when we hold ourselves accountable. If you’re working in a team format to roll out a new idea or solution, start an email thread or group text checking in on the updates, feedback and if there’s a need to make small changes during the process. Celebrate those small successes. All of the small things added up are what lead to the greatest success stories!


It’s a team effort here at Rose Street Advisors. We believe in sweating the small things, the personal touch and working on our craft, so that we consistently bring “Excellence in All We Do” to ourselves, our team and all those we serve!

Shannon Thomas | Rose Street Advisors

Shannon Thomas


Shannon values working closely with business leaders to make a positive impact at their organization. With over 6 years of experience at a major HRIS company, her skills include consulting with organizations on their HR processes and creating efficiencies within the employee lifecycle. She understands the importance of clear communication and meeting deadlines. Her outgoing nature and ability to communicate across many levels makes her an important part of our team.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends and anything outside during the warmer months.

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