BEGIN with the END in Mind

July 27 was just like any other day. I got up, said goodbye to my wife and kids, enjoyed advising clients and went home to my family. We had extended family and friends over and after dinner, I went outside to get the campfire ready for making s’mores. I unloaded firewood off the back of the UTV that was near the firepit. While I bent over to arrange the wood in the firepit, the driver got back in the UTV assuming it was in drive, but it was in reverse. The 1700lb UTV came at me in a hurry, knocked me down, ran over me and I tumbled underneath. It all happened so fast.

I was taken to the hospital by ambulance where the trauma team ran a battery of tests and released me saying that while I will be in a decent amount of pain and would be in an arm sling for weeks, most people do not walk away from such accidents. Outside of the permanent bump on the top of my shoulder from my collarbone separating, the doctors believe my body will fully heal. I am back to work feeling stronger and grateful that I have more days to live.


While I got up on July 27, I certainly didn’t expect that day to be my last. In his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey is known for teaching us the habit, “Begin with the End in Mind.” What if today was your last day? Do you have a clear, holistic financial plan that would provide for your family? When I engage in financial discussions with clients, I often ask, “what is most important to you? What are your life goals? What would happen IF the unexpected were to occur?” Would you greatly benefit from a comprehensive plan, but haven’t yet take that important step?


Let’s chat. It’s never too late to BEGIN; with the End in Mind.

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Jeremy Heavey


Jeremy is passionate about partnering with individuals and families to identify what is important in their lives and creating a comprehensive financial strategy to help them reach their life goals. This holistic approach allows Jeremy and the wealth management team to ensure the specific needs of the client are front and center as they make investment recommendations and collaboratively design custom-tailored financial plans.


Jeremy has a professional track record starting, leading, and managing for-profit and non-profit organizations.  He is a graduate of Taylor University and has completed business programs at both Hong Kong Baptist University & Harvard Business School.  Jeremy is also formally trained and certified in behavioral assessment, conflict management and life coaching.  Jeremy, his wife Kim and their 4 kids reside in Kalamazoo.  They love spending time exploring the outdoors, fixing up their farmhouse, and living life with friends and extended family.


Fun fact:  Jeremy has been playing drums since he was 13 years old and made callbacks for the Blue Man Group.

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