Things We Learned
in 2020

Things we learned in 2020

2020 was an interesting year and we learned a lot.  We learned new words like:  COVID, Zoom, and social distancing. We learned about working remotely while keeping pets and family members occupied.  We learned that we are good at learning and have the ability to do it quickly.


Thanks to Zoom, we learned more about our co-worker’s homes, kids, and pets as they made appearances in the background of meetings.  We learned who was having construction work done at their homes, who has family members who play instruments, and who has the most reliable internet.

Thanks to COVID, we learned a new version of alphabet soup.  Including the FFCRA, EFMLA, and the MDHHS.  Was anyone else surprised to find out the MDHHS apparently has been around a while, we just didn’t know who they were?


Thanks to social distancing, we learned that you really can still meet outdoors in Michigan in December, that walking meetings are a good thing, and that while we like to meet in person, remote meetings are functional.  We learned that wearing a mask fogs up your glasses and makes it really hard to drink coffee.


Personally, I learned a lot more about what goes on in our house during the day.  I also learned that I miss having regular contact with our customers and coworkers and that fun socks don’t matter during a Zoom call.


As we look to 2021, we think that more employers than ever will appreciate that an employee’s personal and work lives really are inseparable and that we need to allow space for both.  We will continue to get better at unmuting before we start talking and to look behind us prior to turning on our cameras.


Most importantly, we now know that no matter what life throws our way, we can still have fun.

What did you learn in 2020 that you want to carry over into 2021?

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