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Why Using Employee Benefits Technology Matters...

Throughout the day. I easily open my phone hundreds of times to buy something, read an article, respond to a message, watch a video for a good laugh or look up the passwords I forgot for the 17th time that day.


I did not always depend on that technology so frequently. I remember paper. LOTS of it. An overwhelming amount of it most of the time. I remember a time when getting a giant stack of paper when I started a new job was the norm. And all too often, it is still how many organizations onboard new employees. I am sure you have recently onboarded an employee or ten and when you hand them their onboarding packet they look at you with that deer in the headlights look wondering what they are supposed to do with all of it.


The availability of technology to efficiently onboard employees from I-9’s to life insurance evidence of insurability forms has come a long way. That technology is now easier to use, more cost effective, more integrated than ever before and, most importantly, it is an expected part of the experience for employees starting a new job.


Not all technology is the same though. There are a few key components to consider when reviewing a technology system for onboarding and benefits enrollment to consider –


Is it easy for your employees to use on whatever device they prefer (phone, tablet, computer, etc.)? Do not make it worse than paper.


Does the system compliment or hinder your processes? Do not make more work for yourself either.


Is there ample support that comes with the technology to ensure if something goes wrong, it is fixed quickly and accurately?


Are you excited about it? Do not pick a technology system just to check the box. You should be excited to have it and use it!


Can it connect? Ensuring that your technology systems can talk to one another is important. Do not pick a system that will still require you to use the same paper you were using before.

Here at Rose Street Advisors, we understand how important technology is. We have recently made a change to partner with a new technology partner- Employee Navigator. It is important to us to ensure we are bringing technology to our clients as a value add and not just another task to complete. We are excited for this new partnership and what it means for our clients!


If you would like to learn more about Employee Navigator, please feel free to reach out to any of the team members at Rose Street Advisors.

Alicia Ball

Alicia Ball


As Strategic Operations Advisor, Alicia has the opportunity to lead the Employee Benefits Department every day. The focus of her role is to ensure the Department is operating at maximum efficiency, which allows us to ensure that our client’s needs and expectations are consistently exceeded. She accomplishes this efficiency through her strong communication, ability to maximize resources and staying true to Rose Street’s core values. Alicia’s tenure with Rose Street began in 2016 as our Maxwell Health Champion. She then spent time as a Employee Benefit Advisor where she built long lasting relationships with her clients that remain in place today even with her role change.

In her spare time, Alicia tries to keep up with her very busy son, volunteers as a Big Sister for the Big Brother, Big Sister organization, and makes sure to spend as much time outside as she possibly can.

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