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A Common Thread: Being thankful for clients who care

When I joined Rose Advisors 12+ years ago, I asked my mentor and insurance industry pioneer, Butch Doerschler — who is the perfect client? His answer was so simple and clear that it still resonates with me today.  Who was Butch’s best client? It was someone who cared about someone or something other than him/herself. 


Over the years, I have quickly come to appreciate a client’s different perspective on all facets of life; from family and business to finances and community.  While clients are unique, one common thread does bind them together: Buying life insurance is a selfless action where someone or something else benefits from your decision to act. As an advisor who wants to make a difference, I am fortunate to have this foundational understanding of my clients – they care about someone or something other than themselves. What a privilege it is to do this kind of work with this type of person!

Our clients care deeply about the following:

Their Family: A commitment to, and a love of family compel many to buy life insurance to replace income, fund a spouse’s retirement and to pay off debt obligations.


Their Business: Underneath it all, business owners care about their partners, their employees, their customers and their community. When a business owner or partner buys a life insurance policy, what they are ultimately buying is peace of mind.


A Charity or a Cause: Whether it’s a community organization, a religious or educational institution or a worthy cause, life insurance can be used to support meaningful work in our communities for years to come


A Generational Legacy: Sometimes it’s grandparents wanting to fund a grandchild’s educational pursuit or a desire to divide an undividable asset among multiple siblings so that it can stay in the family (think lake cottage or acres of farmland). Other times it’s to better prepare for a federal estate tax liability looming on the horizon where Uncle Sam could become a majority beneficiary of family-wealth without proper planning.  It’s important to note that funds from a properly structured life insurance policy are received by beneficiaries free from taxation (income, capital gains and, possibly, federal estate tax).


At Rose Street Advisors, along with the power of M Financial, we would be honored to help you protect and provide for those people and things you care most about.


Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Rob Hunt

Rob Hunt II

Principal & CEO

As Principal and CEO, Rob spearheads the vision, drive for growth, and pursuit of excellence at Rose Street Advisors. Rob loves being outdoors with his wife Erin and kids. He has slalom skied for the past 35 years, never missing a season. He also enjoys spending time at the lake and on the golf course.

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