Returning to 2022 - What Employers
Need to Know

While a New Year typically involves a fresh start, 2022 may find employers feeling the New Year is kind of like a bad movie sequel: 2021 – part 2.  Many of the issues that we thought would be ending with the past year, have continued. 


Each January we publish a blog with thoughts of what to expect in the coming year.  With the speed of change this past year and a half, it has been difficult to accurately predict much in advance.  Currently, some of the things we’re watching, include the spike in Covid cases, the vaccine mandate that may or may not happen on January 10th, the great resignation, maintaining a culture for employees who are spread between working remotely, in hybrid arrangements, and onsite, and pandemic fatigue. 


So how do you make plans for this year?  Here are some things to take into consideration:


Be Flexible:  There will be new things to consider in 2022.  Be prepared to change whatever plans you make based on the newest conditions.


Be Creative:  Think about your unique culture and ways to get out of the traditional work environment box.  I’ve had some great customer meetings on hiking trails this year.  What could your organization be offering?


Plan for the short term:  When you roll out your plans, announce that you will be doing it for 60-90 days to start.  That will give you time to evaluate the effectiveness and sends the message that we’re all trying something new together.


Overcommunicate your plans:  If this is a significant change, make certain that you provide advance notice and communicate via multiple channels.  Adding the element of surprise to a major change is a clear recipe for disaster.


Be Understanding:  None of us have done this before, so there are bound to be some hiccups.


The good news is that organizations have been able to demonstrate their resilience in 2021.  With what we’ve learned, 2022 should be a breeze!


Our best wishes to all of you for a safe, healthy, and productive New Year!

Kevin Brozovich

Kevin Brozovich


Meet Kevin Brozovich, energetic entrepreneur, people-focused team-builder and HR practitioner-turned consultant. For almost 10 years, Kevin was Founder and Chief People Officer of HRM Innovations, a Kalamazoo-based Human Resources consulting firm many would consider the top in the region. After pulling his hair out making daily decisions about running the business (does it matter where the coffee comes from?), Kevin joined forces with the Rose Street Advisors team so he could solely focus on what he loves most: working with clients.

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