Honoring the Past and Embracing the Future

Rose Street Advisors Honoring the Past and Embracing the Future

As we close out 2021, I want to express my gratitude for another year filled with unexpected blessings, opportunities to test our fortitude and time spent with those people who make life interesting, meaningful and fun. Never to dismiss the challenges that we face, each one unique and personal, but it is with optimism and hope that I look towards 2022.


At Rose Street Advisors, we continue to experience the meaning of balance, continuity, and stability with a burning desire to be the best at what we do. It is more than a cliché to say that “the only consistent thing in life is change”. We must embrace change, that doesn’t mean forgetting the things of the past that make us who we are.  


I am proud that our team is committed to service, the pursuit of excellence and giving others the benefit of the doubt. 


For us to look forward, we must first look back. What has made our business successful, what does it mean to be community-minded?  What is good and noble about our country, our families, and our relationships that we should run to, not from? Like a swimmer at the starting blocks, ready to push off into the water, we hold tightly to those ideas and beliefs that have built the foundation we now are using to jump forward from; time-tested ideas like integrity, friendship, resilience and doing work we enjoy with people we enjoy. The Rose Street Advisors team is ready and excited for the new year because we won’t forget who we are, and that our clients are at the heart of all we do. 


We are reminded of our core value that “What we do and how we do it matters” because of who we serve and how our services impact the lives of so many in our community. Thank you for allowing us to play a small part in your 2021 and for continuing our partnership into the year that lay ahead. 


With gratitude from our Rose Street Advisor’s family to yours, here’s to a prosperous and fruitful New Year!    


Rob Hunt

Rob Hunt

Rob Hunt


As Principal and CEO, Rob spearheads the vision, drive for growth, and pursuit of excellence at Rose Street Advisors. Rob loves being outdoors with his wife Erin and kids. He has slalom skied for the past 35 years, never missing a season. He also enjoys spending time at the lake and on the golf course.

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