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The Three R's: Recognition, Rewards, and Retention

Last week we cohosted a Leadership Oasis event with our friends at Bronson’s Helpnet. We brought in a group of panelists to discuss employee recognition, rewards, and their impact on retaining employees. Our panelists included experts from the total rewards group at Bronson as well as two manufacturing CEO’s whose organizations excel at recognizing their employees. 


We learned a lot and had some laughs along the way. Some of the key takeaways from the discussion included:

    ⁃ Know what motivates your employees and customize your rewards to match. Different employee generations and

      personalities want recognition in different ways. Make certain that you cover the recognition needs of all employees.

    ⁃ Engage all employees in the process of providing recognition. Leaders can’t cover every employee all the time. Building a

      culture of recognition for all employees is critical to ensuring that everyone receives the recognition that they need.

    ⁃ Leaders need to value the act of recognizing their employees. A question was asked about how you manage leaders who

      don’t always support employee recognition activities.  One answer was very direct. Leaders who don’t recognize employees

      don’t have a place in our company.  Yes, it’s that important.

    ⁃ Not all recognition efforts are a success. We asked about one that failed.  Our panelists shared that some have been more

      impactful than others, but all their efforts had connected with some employees.  Some more than others.

    ⁃ What recognition made a big impact for minimal investment? A handwritten note sent to the employee’s home address

      thanking them for their work.  Not only does it recognize the employee, it engages the family as well.

    ⁃ Doing employee recognition takes time. There’s no way around this one. Genuine recognition takes time to do well. Make the


Do you have some types of recognition that you’ve found to be particularly effective? We’d love to have you share them with us!


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