Fun People Creating A Fun Place to Work! | Our Core Values

Is having fun at work important? Yes! Navigating our office, you will always pass by a smiling face or hear the sound of laughter at some point in the workday. That is why to me, Rose Street Advisors embodies the core value of fun people creating a fun place to work. Whether it’s our Monthly 3:01, seasonal festivities, or showcasing our golf skills at a golf outing; our team comes together to make the workday enjoyable and feel a lot less like work.


Before starting my career at Rose Street Advisors, I had never heard of a “3:01”. As someone who loves to laugh and incorporate fun with work, this was a big benefit to me. A 3:01 is where we close the office at 3:01 and we come together to have drinks, snacks, and socialize. Sometimes our 3:01’s are themed with a scavenger hunt downtown, or we simply gather in our gym area. Having this opportunity to disconnect from work and come together as a firm allows for a boost in creativity, productivity, and morale.


The people I work with are more than just co-workers, we are all a family. The bonds and friendships we have with each other were not made by staying in our offices and cubicles. We work hard to not only care for our clients, but also for each other. Rose Street Advisors maintains excellence in all we do, while creating a fun place to work.


New Business Coordinator

Peri joined the Rose Street Advisors in 2018 as New Business Coordinator on the Life Insurance team. In this role, she works directly with clients to prepare and implement life insurance and disability policies.

In her spare time, she enjoys hunting and spending time with family and friends.

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