InvestED: The FIRST DAY of the Rest of YOUR LIFE

Can you picture your last day of work? What will you be feeling? What will you be thinking? What will be the look on your face when you leave work for the last time? My dad, John W Heavey, started as a firefighter on Sept 3, 1974 and worked hard for 33 years until he retired at the top of his game as Fire Chief on Sept 3, 2007. The picture above is on his last day as Fire Chief. From delivering babies, cutting people out of crushed cars, pulling people out of houses on fire, providing fire safety instruction to kids in schools, putting on SCUBA gear for water rescues, buying fire trucks and leading teams, he made a big impact! What an awesome career! While he was working, he was also emotionally, vocationally, and after meeting with a financial advisor, financially preparing for retirement. On his last day, he was content, grateful and confident, looking forward to the last day of work and the FIRST DAY of the rest of his life. He is now continuing his impact and legacy while enjoying his 16th year of retirement.


When we meet with clients, we often hear, “Do I have enough? How much should I be saving? Where should I be saving – should I just put my money in a target retirement fund? When can I retire? When should I take Social Security?” When you get to your last day, can you IMAGINE waking up with a grateful, humbly confident smile, knowing that you have worked hard and made a difference, AND are also financially prepared; ready to tackle that next season?


When we guide our clients through the Rose Street Advisors’ 7 Step Financial Life Planning Process, we have heard that they feel more confident, energized about the direction they are headed financially and have more peace, knowing a CLEAR path forward. Our team loves to FIGHT for our clients, developing plans and tax-efficient strategies to maximize every dollar they own. Are you over 50? Are you nearing retirement and would appreciate the confidence that comes from a complimentary review on your current financial life? Our team just kicked off Jan 2023 making a few tweaks to a client’s financial strategy and was grateful to share with the client that the changes would add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their net worth. It would bring us great joy to roll up our sleeves alongside you to develop a plan for the FIRST DAY of the rest of your life.

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Jeremy Heavey


Jeremy is passionate about partnering with individuals and families to identify what is important in their lives and creating a comprehensive financial strategy to help them reach their life goals. This holistic approach allows Jeremy and the wealth management team to ensure the specific needs of the client are front and center as they make investment recommendations and collaboratively design custom-tailored financial plans.


Jeremy has a professional track record starting, leading, and managing for-profit and non-profit organizations.  He is a graduate of Taylor University and has completed business programs at both Hong Kong Baptist University & Harvard Business School.  Jeremy is also formally trained and certified in behavioral assessment, conflict management and life coaching.  Jeremy, his wife Kim and their 4 kids reside in Kalamazoo.  They love spending time exploring the outdoors, fixing up their farmhouse, and living life with friends and extended family.


Fun fact:  Jeremy has been playing drums since he was 13 years old and made callbacks for the Blue Man Group.

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