Learn about an ICHRA: An Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA—pronounced ‘ick-rah’) is an employer-funded, tax-free health benefit used to reimburse employees for individual health insurance premiums and other qualified medical expenses. By offering an ICHRA, employers are able to define contribution amounts and have more flexibility in plan design that will better fit the unique needs of each employee. The employer establishes the reimbursement allowance for each employee class created.

In this webinar, Scott Higgins will discuss best practices for plan sponsors and industry / regulatory trends. From fiduciary roles and responsibilities to employee education, Scott will take a deeper dive into how to ensure plan sponsors understand different fiduciary roles, what is happening in the industry, and engaging participants on different retirement subjects. With the ever-changing rules and regulations in the retirement plan industry, plan sponsors will learn about the different plan trends and become aware of what is coming.

Join us a conversation on Covid’s current impacts on the workplace including:

• ADA accommodations for Covid related issues, including vaccines and masking requirements
• Privacy guidelines under the ADA
• Workplace accommodations for Covid related concerns
• Managing remote work arrangements

Long term care has become a hot button topic as aging family members experience health events. With the rising cost of care, questions such as: who will provide care? or where will that care take place? Have moved this conversation to the forefront of many people’s minds. This presentation will provide a high-level look at the long term care insurance market, and the options available to individuals today.

Tired of not being able to create a health plan that serves your employees and attracts new ones to your company? Then join us for this session where we will cover the in’s and out’s of self-funding. We will cover what it is, why you should do it, the pros and the cons while answering any questions you may have about what it means to go self-funded.

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